Petrie Clan

Of War and Rice

Morning breaks as once again the seven gathered before a weary Daimyo Daidoju Kohiro. What was to be a celebration of the ancestors had become a nightmare for the Daimyo. Now he had to ask them for help again. The Mantis clan representative had slipped away and Daidoju Kohiro knew that he was heading right for the Lion lands. The Lion would use the death of their Representative as justification to take, by force, this Daimyo from the crane clan.

The seven debated the best course of action to save the Daimyo. The two chooses were either to head to the Crane sword academy or to the imperial stronghold to request neutral aid. The final plan was to make way to the academy first to provide warrior support for the Daimyo.

The plan hatched they headed with haste to the Academy. The lion clan sprung an ambush upon the Seven by making their presence known. The Lion scholar Ikoma Hibki backed away from the seven. Then Kakita Tokotsuken stepped forward and challenged the leader Hokbo Nabu to a duel to first blood for safe passage.

The two warriors began to face off. The cool autumn air sent a lone golden leaf sailing between the warriors. Then faster then any eye could see Kakita Tokosuken’s blade in a beautiful strike to Hokbo Nabu’s cheek drawing the first blood. Hokbo Nabu stood in surprise the blood dripping from his cheek.

The Lion Clan honored their agreement and withdrew from the crane lands. Ikoma Hibki choose to leave with his clan. He was then sent to deliver the Lion Clans demands to Daimyo Daidoju Kohiro. Ikoma Hibki worked to buy the beleaguered Daimyo time for reinforcements to arrive.

The six arriving at the out skirts of the academy. The beautiful idealistic setting of a crane village was not what greeted them. The village was in flames and a Ronin stood among the rebellious villagers.

Shosuro Xun Si stepped forward called upon the Kami of fire and quenched the fires saving the Village. Ide Sayuri charged through the villagers and placed her lance in the Ronin. Kakita Tokosuken charged forward and in a stroke of beauty struck a villager. Hida Grom charged forward with his mighty weapon and began to cleave through villagers. The shear number of villagers seemed overwhelming and managed to land several blows upon the honorable warriors. Togashi Ryuu stepped forward and fire leapt from the simple monk and three villages were encased in flames.

The tide seemed to be turning when a second Ronin arrived and began to strike at the warriors. Brother Tron began to do what he could to help those injured. Togashi Ryuu managed to send a blast fire again before being knocked to the ground. Ide Sayruri rode down the first Ronin and began to strike at the nearby villagers.

The Second Ronin Came up and struck Hida Grom. The mighty Crab warrior fell to the ground as the Ronin fled. The villagers took the opportunity to take their anger out on the fallen Crab and killed him and dragged his body into the night.

The warriors were able to to remove the rest of the rebellious villagers. Shosuro Xun Si noticed pamphlets that some of the villagers had. He pointed out the pamphlets and the subversive message contained within.

The warriors turned and moved towards the rising moon and the Academy to get help for the besiged Daimyo Daidoju Kohiro.



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