Asahina Mitsuo

Wife of Daidoji Kohiro.


Asahina Mitsuo is a slender Crane shugenja, Mitsuo has long black hair and pale blue eyes. She wears kimonos the color of spring streams and carries a wakizashi at her waist. Her eyes look haunted, as if she has suffered a grievous injury to her soul.


Mitsuo is the dutiful wife of Daidoji Kohiro, daimyo of Ichikai. Although they had an arranged marriage, it is not a loveless one, and they have been together for some time. As a Crane shugenja of the Asahina family, Mitsuo is skilled with many helpful spells.

One of the hosts of the Festival of Ancestors.

During the Festival, it was revealed that Asahina had attempted to call forth her brother’s spirit by using maho and using Matsu Tetsuko as a payment of equal exchange; however, she only succeeded in summoning The Faceless One, an oni capable of stealing individual’s faces who caused great mischief before being put down by samurai attending the festival. Unfortunately, Asahina Mitsuo was The Faceless One’s last victim before returning to the realm of Jigoku.

Asahina Mitsuo

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