Daidoji Kohiro

Daimyo of Ichikai.


Daidoji Kohiro is a tall Crane bushi dressed in a fine silken kimono, with both a katana and wakizashi at his waist. He has a scar running horizontally across his chin. He has brown, thoughtful eyes bracketing a narrow nose. While he may be considered handsome by most families, he is merely average among the Crane.


Daidoji Kohiro is an honorable samurai who has fought bravely for the Empire in his lifetime. He is in his late thirties, and is a notable duelist among his family, although he failed to gain entrance to the noted Kenshinzen Academy of Dueling.

He is married to Asahina Mitsuo in an arranged, but not loveless, arranged marriage tying two of the Crane families closer together.

Being the daimyo of Ichikai brings its own stresses, and tensions are often high as the tiny village sits on a piece of land that is often part of border disputes between Crane and Lion.

Recently, Daidoji Kohiro was the host of the Festival of Ancestors. While they anticipated the Festival being a time of celebration, the Festival has actually brought great shame to Kohiro. It was revealed that his wife, Asahina Mitsuo, was practicing blood magic and killed a guest, Matsu Tetsuko, in an attempt to contact her deceased brother. Her skill was not great enough to control the ritual, however, and The Faceless One, an oni, was summoned instead, and rampaged through Kohiro’s home before being stopped. Asahina was one of its many victims.

Kohiro must now explain the death of the honored Lion guest within his home, as well as the consequence of failing to protect many of his servants and villagers.

Daidoji Kohiro

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