Battle of Jade Fire

The Battle of Jade Fire was a momentous battle that occurred just outside the Kakita Dueling Academy after an entrance to Jigoku, the Scar of Kakita, was opened up by malevolent forces. The battle consisted of thousands of oni, including the massive warbeast Arugai no Oni and a cunning Uzaki no Oni, pouring out from the newly opened bridge to Jigoku.

A small group of samurai were present when the rift was opened, and notified the Kakita family of the presence of such a large concentration of oni before things became unsavable. The Academy rallied as many troops as possible, and sent for the aid of a nearby Lion army. The Lion army, which had been causing trouble with Crane territories for perceived transgressions, may have been the saving grace for the Crane Clan as their help was desperately needed against such odds. Additionally, the Jade Champion and his entourage had been visiting the Academy on a tour of the Empire, and were able to lend much needed magical support to the cobbled together army.

Upon smashing into the oni, who had been content to savage a nearby village, the Crane-Lion alliance quickly seized the advantage and slayed hundreds of oni within the opening moments of the fight. The mighty Arugai no Oni was slain multiple times before the Jade Champion finally ended his life by turning his heart to ash. Samurai valiantly held their ground as oni of all types were repelled, killed, and slain.

The battle was not entirely one sided, however, as the oni were able to inflict serious casualties in return. Of note, the samurai Togashi Ryuu, the only samurai representing the Dragon Clan, was slain in combat valiantly defending her comrades.

After hours of intense fighting, the oni were finally routed and scattered, retreating back into the Scar of Kakita. Shortly thereafter, the Empire decreed that the Bastion of Eight Swords was to be constructed to contain this new blight within the Empire.

Battle of Jade Fire

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